How to implement the search widget


The search widget gives your audiences the opportunity to begin their search on any of the Expedia Group website (including,, and other local brand sites such as,,, etc.) from your own website. Your visitors can enter their travel destination and dates, and the widget will take them directly onto the shopping path. 

To add the search widget to your website you can follow these simple steps:

    • Select the destination website
    • Select the lines of business (optional)
    • Add a Pubref to the code (optional)
    • Copy the search widget code
    • Place the search widget code on your website

Step 1) Select the destination website

This dropdown allows you to select the Expedia Group brand website that you want to redirect your audiences to. There are 34 different websites you can choose from.


Step 2) Select lines of business (optional)

Some brands such allows you include multiple line of businesses in your Search Widget. Flights allows your audiences to search for Air booking options where as Stays gives your audiences the option to search different accommodation options from hotels to vacation rentals and villas. If you select both Stays and Flights, your audience will have the option to toggle between the two. 



Step 3) Add a Pubref (optional)

A Pubref (publisher reference) is an optional reference that you can include in your search widget code for your own reporting purposes on the Partnerize platform. The Pubref tracks from click through to booking and is only available on Partnerize platform. 

If you'd like to add a Pubref, enter the details in the Pubref field (example show below). If you don’t want to add a Pubref you can leave this empty.




Step 4) Copy the search widget code

Select the copy to clipboard option.

Step 5) Place the search widget code on your website

Paste the search widget code into your website.


The search widget is optimized for widths between 375px to 575px. The widget will resize to cater for a responsive page.

Sizes beyond these are not supported as optimized.

Minimum example – 375px




Maximum example – 575px
If the spacing on your website where you’re placing the widget is larger than 575px the widget will maintain the 575px size and automatically center within that space.



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