Understanding cookies, validity windows and commissions

In this guide, we'll be explaining everything you need to know about cookies, validity windows, and commissions, and how they all work together to help you earn in the Expedia Group Affiliate Program. We store all updated information on cookie validity windows and commission values within the Affiliate Dashboard, under Key Commercial Terms. Note that you are required to sign in to access this page.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on your audience's devices every time they visit one of our brand sites. They allow us to track when a booking is made via one of your links so that we can pay your well-earned commission.

What is the validity period?

The validity period – sometimes referred to as a cookie window – is shown in the 2nd column of your commission table. It reflects how long a cookie will last for the specific brand site and country.

For example, Expedia Canada (expedia.ca) has a validity window of 7 days, meaning that's how long the cookie will last on your audience's device. This is great news, as it means your audience has up to 7 days after clicking your link to make a booking for you to earn a commission.

Visit the Commercial Terms to see all up-to-date validity periods for each brand site. Note that you'll need to be signed in to access.

Does my audience need to book right away for me to get commission?

Short answer: no!

As mentioned above, cookies have validity windows which differ depending on the brand site and country you sent your audience to. Regardless of where, we always give a minimum cookie validity window of at least 7 days and up to 30 days, depending on the site.

For example, if your audience decides to click one your links today, but exits the site and books 5 days later, the stored cookie allows us to still attribute the sale to you. They don't even need to re-enter the brand site via your same link.

What happens if the trip booked by my audience is different from what I linked to?
As long as your audience last used your link, any booking made on the same brand site will earn you a commission. For example, if you linked to a hotel in New York City on Expedia.com, and someone decides to book an activity in London after clicking on your link, you still earn commission from that booking. 
Are there any limitations with cookies? 

Bookings outside the validity period
Unfortunately, if a validity window is 30 days but your audience books after 31 days, for instance, you will not earn a commission.

Competing affiliate links
We attribute commission on a "last click" basis. To illustrate, consider this simple example:
As shown, the partner whose link was last clicked – Partner B – is the one who will receive the sale. As such, it's always best to encourage your audience to book as soon as possible.

Multiple devices
For you to receive commission, your audience must book on the same device that was used to click on your affiliate link. For example, if your link was clicked originally on a mobile, you won't receive commission if the same person books on their desktop device without clicking on one of your affiliate links using this same device. This is because we cannot track cookies across devices. 

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