The power of event-driven travel

In travel affiliate marketing, staying relevant with your target audience requires a keen eye for emerging trends and insights. Each quarter, we release our Traveler Insights report to bring you our latest learnings around traveler trends and booking behavior pulled from our exclusive first-party data.

Our Q3 2023 Traveler Insights report revealed that nearly 25% of travelers are initially inspired to take a trip because of a special event. Whether it was a sporting event or live music tour, travelers felt compelled to see their favorite athletes and performers live. Let’s look into how you can tailor your affiliate marketing strategy to engage with travelers who are eager to travel to events and encourage them to book through your affiliate links.

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Researching event-driven travel opportunities

Special events and celebrations serve as powerful catalysts for travel, inspiring individuals to embark on journeys and create lasting memories. As an affiliate marketer or influencer, you can research the timing and unique appeal of specific events across various locations and interests to create content and promotions that resonate with your audience throughout the year.

For example, if you specialize in adventure travel, you might focus on events like marathons, outdoor festivals, or sports competitions. Take time to understand who hosts the event, if there are additional activities or opportunities, and what a participant could expect when attending. Keep a pulse on news relevant to the event, and leverage data from our traveler insights reports to position yourself as a trusted resource for travelers who are seeking experiences aligned with their interests. This proactive approach can lead to a stronger following and higher conversion rate.

Example: Haley is a Formula 1 racing enthusiast and travel affiliate marketer. With the upcoming F1 Grand Prix in Las Vegas on her radar, she's done extensive research on what to expect. Haley knows the event's timing, circuit details, participating vendors, and the exclusive activities that could up-level a guest’s experience. Her proactive and well-informed approach positions her as a trusted resource for Formula 1 fans, resulting in a bigger following and driving higher conversion rates.

Tailoring content for travelers attending special events

The next step after the research phase is applying your learnings to create personalized content for your target audience. According to our Path to Purchase study, travelers consume over five hours of travel content before booking. Use your blog and social channels to cater to event-driven travelers who are early in their booking journey and influence them to book through your affiliate links.

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If you’re creating blog content, do a dive deep into the event's unique attractions, share local traditions, and provide insider tips to help travelers maximize their visit. This can be an FAQ page, or a checklist that travelers can refer to when packing and planning. If you’re using social channels like Instagram or TikTok, curate eye-catching visual content, that includes event highlights, “know before you go” travel hacks, and behind-the-scenes images. The key is to use each platform's strengths to create tailored content that speaks directly to event-driven travelers, and sparks excitement around the event.

Example: Jordan is an affiliate marketer creating content to event-driven travelers attending Coldplay’s world tour. Their Instagram and TikTok feeds are packed with essential event tips, guiding followers on everything from what to wear and what they can bring into the venue to the optimal time to arrive for the concert. They go the extra mile, offering insights on seating choices, and the best spots for grabbing a pre-show meal or having a post-show get-together. Jordan’s posts serve to ignite excitement and arms their audience with invaluable details, ensuring they're well-prepared to immerse themselves in the experience. Their adept use of affiliate links seamlessly integrates booking options, establishing themselves as the trusted go-to source for concert travelers seeking comprehensive recommendations and event insights.

Engage with travelers planning for future event seasons

If you’re tailoring your content for upcoming events and experiences, you need to plan every aspect of your strategy in advance. Whether you’re thinking about what type of events you’ll highlight, or what audience you want to target, planning allows you to harness travelers’ excitement and anticipation, ensuring that your content is relevant and timely.

Consider creating a detailed content calendar template that outlines key event dates, content themes, and publishing schedules. With a calendar, you can strategically align your content with event-driven travel trends to ensure that you capture your audience's attention at the right moments. Additionally, anticipate the lead time required for content creation, promotion, and audience engagement. This proactive approach allows you to create valuable, in-depth content and fosters stronger affiliate partnerships as you position yourself as a go-to resource for event travel. By embracing this kind of foresight, you'll find that planning ahead is the key to unlocking the full potential of your affiliate marketing efforts.

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Example: Max is an affiliate marketer specializing in adventure travel. Recognizing the importance of planning ahead for event season, Max diligently researches and curates content months in advance, focusing on upcoming events like the Mont Blanc Marathon in Chamonix. Using a well-structured content calendar, he strategically schedules blog posts, social media updates, and videos to promote the marathon to build anticipation and excitement with his audience. Max’s proactive approach gives adventure travelers timely and relevant content that also strengthens affiliate partnerships with event organizers, establishing him as the go-to resource for the Mont Blanc Marathon.

By researching, crafting tailored content, and planning well in advance, you can position yourself as a trusted resource, offering travelers the expertise they seek for unforgettable event experiences. Whether it’s for Wimbledon, Oktoberfest, or a music festival, the potential to engage event-driven travelers is vast, and the rewards in conversions can be substantial.

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