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What is a Travel Shop?

Travel Shops is a new feature on the Expedia app that allows you to aggregate and save all your travel recommendations and content in one link. The best part – you earn commissions through Travel Shops! 

At this time, we've extended Travel Shops access to select partners and creators with this first, invite-only iteration. If you do not have access yet, stay tuned – exciting news is coming soon.

What’s needed to build a Travel Shop?

Once you’ve created an Affiliate Hub account, and opted-in to to create a Travel Shop, our self-serve tool will walk you through all the necessary items. The self-serve tool launches on August 20th and we will be sure to send you more information prior to the 20th, but if you’d like to begin preparing early, see below some items to start thinking about: 

  1. Your Travel Shop name, URL, bio, and profile photo.
  1. ~5 Collections (a list of hotels bound by a common factor - ex: Most Romantic Hotels in Paris or Budget Friendly Hotels in NYC) including a name for each, and short summary.
  1. 5 hotels under each Collection (with a short summary for each hotel, if you’d like).
  1. 5 Current Pick Hotels. Think: your top hotels you’ve visited.

What are Collections?

Collections are a group of hotels bound by a common factor that will be placed in your Travel Shop. For example, Most Romantic Hotels in Paris - your Shop should include 5 Collections, each with 5 Hotels.  

How do I build a Travel Shop?

  1. Ensure you have an Expedia account and the most recent version of the Expedia app downloaded.
  1. Sign in to your Expedia Group Affiliate Program account. If you do not have one yet, sign up today.
  1. Once signed in, visit your Account, then go to 'Tool settings'.
  2. Enable Creator Toolbox, then click 'Connect account' next to the Expedia app.

  1. Click 'Continue' to connect your account.
  2. Influencers & Creators should also complete the form enclosed in the email that was sent to you. The subject line should be: You're invited: Check out Travel Shops! (by opting in, we will know to reach out to you with more information!)

What is the timeline for this invite-only phase?

  1. July: Complete the above steps.
  2. Between August 1st - 15th, 2024: An email will be sent from a member of our team sharing more information on how to begin creating your Travel Shop
  3. August 20th - September 16th, 2024: Create your Travel Shop via mobile web and in-app.
  4. September 16th, 2024: Go live on social media (and anytime after that!) sharing more about your Travel Shop and a link to get there.

How does the compensation structure work?

You will earn commissions on the traffic you drive to your Travel Shop. To learn more about our commission rates, click HERE.

Top-performing Travel Shops may also be eligible for additional paid partnership opportunities.

Who is eligible to participate in this invite-only launch of Travel Shops?

Participants must be 18 years or older and located in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom. 

At this time, only partners who received the invitation email are eligible. However, if you have someone in mind who would be great for this test, reply to the original invite email you received with their information and our team will add them to the waitlist.  

Can I see an example of a Travel Shop?

Yes! Check them out HERE and HERE. Note: Travel Shops are best viewed on a mobile device, where your audience will likely browse them as well.

What types of products will I be able to feature in my Travel Shop?

Upon launch in September, Travel Shops and associated Collections will feature hotel selections from Expedia’s inventory of 3M+ properties. In the future, you’ll be able to include +220K unique activities, +500 airlines, and more from Expedia's inventory. 

How will travelers discover my Travel Shop?

Partners can generate links to their Travel Shop, Collections, or individual properties that they want to highlight. Those can then be shared to their social media followers (via story, post, or link in bio) and will redirect to the Travel Shop on the Expedia app or website. In addition, your Shop will be considered for a homepage feature and on our search results page / property destinations pages within the Expedia app.

How should I be speaking about Travel Shops to my audience?

Talking points and recommendations from our team are below:

  • Include footage of your travels, ideally with some of the properties you’re recommending in your Travel Shop via social
  • Offer a way for viewers to access your Travel Shop / Collections via link share or link in bio
  • Feel free to focus on your Travel Shop OR individual Collections. For example, "These are my top 5 hotel recommendations in NYC!", or, “Want to see all my hotel recommendations in one place? Check out my Travel Shop on the Expedia App linked in bio.” 
  • Include keywords: Travel Shop & @expedia  
  • Include: Earns Commissions within your content. 

A great example of a partner speaking about Travel Shops is linked here.

Can I share product feedback or questions about Travel Shops?

YES! We love getting feedback and want to ensure the product is built with our partners in mind. If you have questions or feedback about Travel Shops, please email travelshops@expediagroup.com 

How should I disclose to my audience that I am a Travel Shops partner?

Whenever you are sharing an affiliate link within your content, you must disclose this to your audience. Please ensure you include a legally compliant disclosure by doing all of the following:

  • All links to your Travel Shops should include a clear and conspicuous disclosure, such as “Earns Commission” or “Paid Link” near the affiliate link
  • Identify clearly and conspicuously to your audience that you are an Expedia Travel Shops partner at the start of the post caption by including #ExpediaPartner OR clearly stating that you are working with Expedia (ie: "I have partnered with Expedia to create a Travel Shop").
    • Outside of the US and Canada, you must also use “#ad”
  • Follow any social media platform guidelines, including utilizing features such as endorsement checkboxes
  • Follow the FTC regulations or any relevant regional regulations

For more information about the FTC Endorsement Guides, visit https://www.ftc.gov/business-guidance/resources/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking#affiliate and https://www.ftc.gov/business-guidance/resources/disclosures-101-social-media-influencers.

Will I be able to upload my own content to my Travel Shop?

Yes! Partners will have the opportunity to submit property videos to be featured on their Travel Shops in September. 

As a creator, will I have access to additional partnerships once I create a Travel Shop?

Yes! Your Travel Shop will be considered for additional promotion and flat-fee partnerships with the Expedia team. 

Additional troubleshooting advice

Here are some troubleshooting tips we can advise users to take if they are experiencing difficulties opening the Travel Shops within the Expedia app.

  • Ensure you have the Expedia app already downloaded (you do not need to be signed in to your Expedia account) 
  • Ensure that the app is the latest version of the Expedia app from the app store 
  • If you are experiencing problems, you may need to clear your browser cookies. To do this on mobile, please delete the cookies for your default browser

For any other queries related to Travel Shops, reach out via TravelShops@expediagroup.com.

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