How do I get tracking links?

You can get tracking links from the Deeplinks page in Affiliate Hub.

From the Home page select the Deeplinks product or alternatively make the selection from the sidebar navigation.

Once on the Deeplinks page you can follow these simple steps.

  1. Select your Destination website: in the top navigation you have the option to select what website you want to create tracking links for. The selection you make will determine which brand/point of sale your links will send your audience to, which language they will be able to browse the site and which currency they will be able to pay with.
  2. You have the option to create a custom tracking link or get a pre-configured link. If you’d like to create a custom tracking link, navigate to the brand/point of sale that you’re creating links for.

    For example, for Expedia’s USA point of sale go to or alternatively for Expedia’s UK point of sale go to Once you’ve found the page you’d like to link to, copy and paste the URL into the URL field and select submit to generate your custom tracking link.
  3. Copy the tracking link and add it to your content.

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