How to implement banners


Banners are a great option to entice your travelers to start searching.

The more the imagery and theme of your banners resonate with travelers, the more encouraged they’ll be to begin their search from your site. Our banners are customizable giving you the flexibility to match your content and travelers' interests. 

Follow these simple steps to add a banner to your website:

    • Configure your banner
    • Generate your banner code
    • Copy the code
    • Place the code on your website.

Step 1) Configure your banner

You have a range of customizable options to choose from. Here are a few tips for configuring your Banner.

Add a Pubref (optional)

A Pubref (publisher reference) is an optional reference that you can include in your banner code for your reporting purposes. The Pubref tracks from click through to booking.

Choosing the right layout for your page

The layout you choose may depend on where you plan to place the Banner on your site:

  • Top of the page: Leaderboard 728x90 is a great choice as it doesn’t take up too much scroll space and has high visibility.
  • Side bar: both Wide Skyscraper 160x600 and Medium Rectangle 300x250 are good options. If you want the banner to have more prominence you may choose Wide Skyscraper 160x600.
  • Within your content: depending on your page format Leaderboard 728x90 may be a good fit to align with horizontal content.

Wherever you place the banner it will automatically centre horizontally within that section. For mobile, Medium Rectangle 300x250 is the most optimal fitting most device sizes.

Choosing the best image

This is up to you! Think about what imagery best fits with your content and audience. 

There's a range of images to choose from; seasonal content like tropical and winter to holiday vibes like romantic and family holidays.

Choosing the right message

If your content is promoting a particular product line you can choose messaging to match. For example, if you're writing about Cruises, 'Ahoy! Discover your perfect cruise' will line up well with your content.

If you're promoting seasonal destinations like beach resorts, you can choose messaging that will resonate with your audience like 'Sun seeker. Find the perfect beach getaway'.

And for inspirational messages you have options like 'Bye-Bye bucket list, hello adventure!'

Choosing where to send your visitors

It's key to make sure that where you're sending your travelers makes sense with your banner imagery and messaging. For example, if you choose messaging about flights, you can link to our flights page. While if you choose broader messaging you may want to send travelers to our homepage so they can start exploring and apply their own search criteria.

2) Generate the banner code

Select ‘Generate Code’ to update your Banner preview and code.

3) Copy the code

Copy to clipboard option

4) Place the code on your site


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this product, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at with ‘Banners feedback’ in the subject line.

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